Tender KIS.M.011.2023

Tender Name: Heat Pump for Student Residences (Phelps and Wissy)
Tender Number: KIS.M.011.2023
Tender Opening Date: 15th February at 15:00 hrs

We seek your valuable quotations for the procurement and commissioning of 02 Heat Pumps at the Kodaikanal International School student residences.

The details of our requirements (for each Heat Pump) are as follows:

  • Total Hot water tank capacity - 1500 litres (Ferro coated MS Tank with minimum 4 mm thickness of shell and 5mm thickness of end dish)
  • Location – Highclerc campus, KIS, Kodaikanal
  • Area of Installation – Adjacent to Student Residence (Dormitory)
  • Students in residence – Approx. 30
  • Type of Heat Pump reqd – Operating Temperature -25 to 40 deg , with inbuilt DC pump , Energy efficiency class A+++ ,A++ and A+ with Keymark validation and COP more than 4.25+ average over the year at Site
  • Type of Compressor reqd – high compression ratio Inverter rotatory compressor with R32 Refrigerant
  • 4-way valve – Make to be clearly specified
  • Inclusive of
    • Circulating Pump
    • Hot water recirculating pump
    • Pressure pump (min 0.7 hp)

Your quote is to include details of the following: 

  • Mounting structures, cables, accessories and installation at site
  • Details of power supply consumption (in kWh)
  • Clear specifications of required power supply and any civil work which would be the liability of KIS

The quotation should include the following:

  • GST at applicable rate
  • Transportation and loading/unloading at site
  • Installation at site
  • Validity of quote - minimum 21 days
  • Details of date of dispatch of material and commencement of work on receipt of Purchase Order

Please Note: 
Your quotation should be dropped in the Tender Box at the main gate of the Highclerc campus on or before the specified tender opening date. The quotations should mention the Tender Number and Tender Name as the subject of the envelope on the cover of the sealed envelope.

Location of Tender Box:
Main Gate, Highclerc Campus,
Kodaikanal International School,
Seven Roads Junction, Kodaikanal - 624101 

The postal mailing address is:
The Principal,
Kodaikanal International School, Seven Roads Junction, Kodaikanal - 624101

The email address is:

Terms of Payment by KIS for this Tender

On receipt of the Proforma Invoice, an advance of up to 50% will be released with the order as an advance payment.

  • 20% will be released on receipt of materials on site.
  • 20% will be released on satisfactory completion of installation and commissioning.
  • Two or Three maximum Part Payment of 70% can be made upon submitting the running bill once the works proceed
  • 10% amount will be held as a ‘Retention Amount’ which will be released after 6 months of satisfactory completion of the product
  • As a KIS Policy, advances exceeding Rs. 5 lakhs will only be made against a bank guarantee from the supplier.