South East Asian Regional Scholarship (SEAR)

The SEAR Scholarship is presented annually to students form the Southeast Asian region, initially being granted to two deserving students of Burmese origin entering Grade 11 at KIS. These students are recognized for their exceptional personal character, outstanding academic achievements, and unwavering determination to overcome challenges. The scholarship seeks individuals who not only strive for personal success but also demonstrate a profound commitment to making a positive impact on their communities.

This scholarship has been initiated by KIS Alumna Ms. Maureen Aung-Thwin (’66) in loving memory of her mother, Margaret Aung-Thwin, a dedicated educator and former KIS faculty member. It embodies the spirit of perseverance, academic excellence, and commitment to community values that Mrs. Aung-Thwin exemplified throughout her life.

Margaret Aung-Thwin's legacy as an educator and translator is deeply ingrained in the SEAR Scholarship. Her multifaceted career spanned various countries and cultures, reflecting a life dedicated to education and cultural exchange. She was the first of fourteen children born to John F. Hodgson and Naw Thet Po, and she pursued her education with a BA and B.Ed from Judson College in Rangoon and an M.A. from SUNY Cortland. A Fulbright Exchange Scholar, she taught in various international settings, including schools in Rangoon, Kodaikanal, and Cornell University, and led adult education programs for the Miccosukee Native American community in Florida. Her significant contribution to Burmese literature, particularly through her translation of Ma Ma Lay's "Not Out of Hate," highlights her dedication to bridging cultural divides through education.

This scholarship is not merely a financial grant; it is an invitation for students to join a community that values educational excellence, cultural understanding, and a commitment to improving the world. It is a tribute to the enduring impact of a remarkable educator and a testament to the power of education to change lives.

Support the SEAR Scholarship

Partially funded by the generosity of Ms. Maureen Aung-Thwin, this scholarship also relies on the collective support of KIS and the alumni community, including former students and friends of Margaret Aung-Thwin. Your contribution can make a significant difference in shaping the futures of these promising young individuals.

How to Contribute:

  • For Donors in North America:
    Contribute to Kodai Friends International (KFI), a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting various programs and projects at KIS.
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  • For Direct Contributions to KIS:
    Support the scholarship by sending your contributions directly to Kodaikanal International School via cheque or bank transfer.
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For any questions and more information, please contact our Development Officer:

Kalyani Gandhi (Class of '87)
Development Officer
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