For the first 75 years of KIS’s existence, tuition fees were provided for from individual foreign churches, mission boards, diplomatic agencies, the UN and organizations. Families paying their own fees were a rarity. In the 1970’s the School’s demographics changed with an increasing number of families paying their own fees.

As these changes became apparent, the school found it necessary to continue to attract deserving students while maintaining the demographic diversity which makes KIS unique. The student would need to exhibit the values we look for which include an outstanding character the ability and willingness to contribute to public service, artistic and / or athletic life of the school, leadership, participation in volunteer, community, school-related activities and critical thinking ability.

Our commitment has been to offer a holistic education to students across the world who are unable to afford such an education. The scholarship we would like to offer would address the issue of unmet financial need which includes limited family income or funds not sufficient to cover education related expenses.

KIS has launched the following scholarship programs:

Russell De Valois Scholarship

Russell De Valois graduated from KIS in 1943 and he went on to earn his PhD in Physiological Psychology from the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty at Indiana University in Bloomington where his work on color vision became widely known. He was a brilliant scientist who taught at the University of California in Berkeley and conducted pioneering research on vision and how spatial information is analyzed by the brain.

Russell died on September 20, 2003 as a result of a car accident that occurred during his return to California from the 60th anniversary reunion of his KIS graduation.

Click here to know more about Russell De Valois.

KIS proudly launched the Russell De Valois Scholarship through an endowment fund established by Russells’s High School classmates (KIS Class of 1943). The scholarship program is aimed to attract a student who is likely to excel academically and one who can contribute to public service, artistic or athletic life of the school. Applicant must be an Indian citizen with eligibility independent of gender and religion. The applicant must show a will to succeed, critical thinking ability, leadership skills and perseverance in the face of challenges.

The scholarship is offered once in every two years to a student entering Grade 11 for the duration of their study at KIS to graduation at the end of Grade 12. The scholarship will be offered next for the academic year beginning July 2021.

Excellence in Education Scholarship

The Excellence in Education Scholarship, similar to the Russell De Valois Scholarship, is offered once in every two years to a student entering Grade 11 for the duration of their study at KIS to graduation at the end of Grade 12. 

The KIS STEM Scholarship for Women

The KIS STEM Scholarship for Women is awarded to a young woman entering KIS in Grade 11 with demonstrated academic excellence; an ambition to pursue studies and a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math with a commitment to serve her community.

The KIS STEM Scholarship for Women was originally initiated in 2021 by KIS Alumna Ms. Anuja Master Bose in memory of her mother Dr. Kunjlata Kothary Master, who was a talented and motivated trailblazer in the field of Science. Ms. Anuja Master Bose graduated from KIS in 1989 and served on the KIS Board of Council Members, deeply involved in the development of the School and supporting its mission and vision.

In 2023, this Scholarship has been made possible due to the generous contributions of Ms. Anita Khaldy, KIS Alumna (Class of 1982) in honor of her parents Mr. Sam Alphonso and Mrs. Rita Alphonso. This award is given to a deserving woman, who wishes to pursue her career in the STEM fields. 

This award provide a scholarship of USD 10,000 to a Grade 11 student for each year of their study at KIS in the Diploma Programme.

For any questions and more information, please contact our Development Officer:

Kalyani Gandhi (Class of '87)
Development Officer
c: (91) 9822 011 460 
(same number for WhatsApp)