KIS Senior Management Team

Our greatest strength lies in our commitment to learning together in a diverse and multicultural residential community, that respects the heritage of each individual. The members of our senior management team, each has a diverse background, a wealth of knowledge, and are qualified to ensuring the success of our students.

Corleigh “Corey” Stixrud (Class of 1986)

Corey is an energetic leader and community-minded individual with over 18 years of professional experience in education. He serves as Principal of KIS, where he attended as a student from 1977 through his graduation in 1986. He returned to KIS in 2012 as Vice Principal and he took up the role of Principal in 2013…Read More

Santhosh Cherian Punnoose
Academic Vice Principal

Santhosh has been the Vice Principal at KIS from October 2017 and leads all the academic programs at the school, the KIS Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programs. His responsibilities involve managing teachers, professional development of teachers, engaging parents and solving student disciplinary issues. He has been teaching for over 27 years with 14 years of administrative experience…Read More


Rev. Raja Krishnamoorthy
Dean of Religious Life

Rev. Krishnamoorthy is primarily responsible for Religious Life within the KIS community, which has students and staff from over 25 countries, hailing from a variety of cultures and religions. He is the Chaplain for the school and is involved in counseling and mediation for staff and students. Additionally, he teaches Religious Education and IB Tamil…Read More

Dr. Samraj Ganga Christus
Director of Finance, Property and Legal

Dr. Ganga is responsible for the entire financial operations of the school including financial planning and budgeting, tax management, investment management, property management, handling of legal issues, serving as trustee for the Provident Fund, assisting the Principal with administration and major infrastructure projects…Read More


Cdr. Ashwin Fernandes
Executive Administrative Manager

Commander Ashwin joined KIS in May 2016 and currently serves as the Executive Administrative Manager and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the non-academic departments. His responsibilities cover the areas of Physical Security, Maintenance & Infrastructure, Projects, Travel Department and Procurement…Read More


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