Spiritual and Religious Life

KIS as a school has its roots in Christianity; both historically and in the intent of our constitution. However, this has never stopped us from accepting members of different faiths in our community. There is no assertion of one faith over another. In fact, as an institute that takes immense pride in its diverse multi-cultural ethos, we feel that people coming from different faiths and beliefs strengthen our value system.  

We also believe that spirituality is an important part of a well-led and well-considered life. Despite being a school grounded in the Christian faith, our students are encouraged and supported in finding the path they feel drawn to. We believe that our comprehensive academic framework also feeds into moulding individuals who make informed choices no matter what direction they decide to move in spiritually. Our Religious Education program is sensitive towards all religions and is designed specifically for our context to stress mainly on principles and values of inclusivity, compassion, grace and service. At MYP and DP levels, KIS follows the IB curriculum on World Religions (this comes under the wider course Individuals and Societies at the MYP level) where students can eventually choose what religions they want to study in-depth (DP level).  

The school Chapel plays a central role in bringing us together and guiding us during our tough times as individuals and as a community. It is also the site for some of our key celebrations. Kodaikanal School Church came into existence in 1941 and it is a fully independent church affiliated with KIS. Our Dean for Religious Life is the designated Pastor of the Church, assisted by a church council made up of local members of the congregation.  

As an educational institution guided by the values of acceptance and service, KIS supports its students of different faiths in practicing religions of their choice. Hindu, Muslim and Sikh students are taken to their respective places of worship on important days. Students are allowed to practice their religious fasts and special meals are provided to them.  

The religious fabric at KIS is a bedrock that allows us to instil international mindedness in our students wherein they learn to be more responsible, accepting and tolerant world citizens.