Peer Encouragement Program (PEER)

The PEER program at KIS is a student led initiative to support emotional and physical wellbeing of the school community.

The program is very successful in actively engaging the students’ community aiming to create a happy and healthy school environment for each individual. It plays a crucial role in building positive healthy bonds amongst students and also between students and teachers. The role of a peer is to essentially support students so they don’t feel alone in their everyday struggles and find a point of contact amongst their own. The peer program is a commitment that selected students make in order to help make the KIS experience a positive one for all.

The KIS PEER Encouragers (in short: PEERS) try to create a supportive environment by providing a network of students willing to reach out in friendship and assistance to individuals of this diverse student body. The PEERs are spread out within the various school residences. All students are eligible to apply towards becoming a member of the PEER program. Once application forms are filled out a group of senior students, together with the PEER adults, who assist the program, make a short list of applicants. An interview is usually held with each shortlisted applicant and a final decision is made. Residential parents play a vital role in the selection of our PEERs. At the end of the academic year the PEERs receive a certificate for having been of service to the student body.

Some of the key features of the program are: 

  • The PEERS are given simple training in areas such as listening skills, being more approachable etc.

  • They are also trained in mediation, which allows for them to be of great help to the residential parents when minor issues develop inside the student residence.
  • Orientation of the new students is a big part of what the PEERs do. They initiate the new students into the KIS community. They are also the initial “friendly face” that’s safe to approach with any teething issues that new students may have.
  • KIS Peer program plays a huge role in maintaining a connection between the High, Middle and Elementary schools. PEERs run activities for the younger students during the weekdays. On weekends, the PEERs often visit the junior residences in order to bond with their younger counterparts and to organise some fun activities.

The PEER program is an invaluable asset to the school and has benefited countless students over the years.