Student Leadership

Students at KIS are provided ample opportunities for leadership during their time at the school. They experience working in positions of responsibility and service while directly running community projects, student clubs, participating in the PEER program, representing themselves at the NHS and by carrying out their duties as class representatives or at the council. Direct participation of students in functioning of the school is truly encouraged. As a progressive educational institute, our ideology is to open maximum avenues of expression and discussion, so the students feel involved, heard and acknowledged. 


The students’ council at KIS is a representative body for the students through which they participate in the decision-making bodies of the school. The council acts as a bridge between the students’ community and the administration of the school. The opinions and ideas of our students are taken seriously and given their due importance while making decisions. There is a place reserved for the student representative at the Governing Council meetings too. This allows them to have a voice in running the school while learning some fundamental lessons in good-governance.

We can get an idea of this collaboration in decision-making from the way our successful COVID 19 protocols were formulated in close consultation with the students’ council.  

The STUDCO works in a bottom to top structure where elected class representatives form the basic pillars of the council which comprises President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Middle school has its own students’ council, which works closely with the all-school council.       


KIS has had a longstanding membership of the prestigious American organization National Honors Society (NHS). Students from High School with excellence in each of the four areas-- scholarship, leadership, service and character--are selected carefully by KIS faculty during the second school semester, according to the procedures laid out by the NHS.

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Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations where students are assigned to play the role of representatives of different countries of the world and try to solve real life problems from different perspectives. KISMUN teams host and visit different schools for MUN conferences. Students research, plan and present their position papers on issues and countries that are assigned to them. 

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KIS YES aims to engage the youth of India from across the premier schools of the country to drive socioeconomic change within the country. Utilizing business and economics as tools for change, YES aims to inculcate entrepreneurial values in its participants for a better tomorrow, today.

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