Philosophy of Living

KIS has historically been a boarding school. Our residential program is integral to our identity and our learning philosophy; we believe that children learn while interacting with the intellectual environment around them.

Deeper understanding of the world comes from living in a community-- a multicultural community in our context. Our effort is to create an environment where learning is a natural, continuous process that goes far beyond the walls of a classroom.  

The KIS residential program rests on the idea of in loco parentis. Our residential parents play the role of a third parent in a student’s life instead of trying to replace the parents; assisting holistic growth of a student in collaboration with the parents. Residential parents are not hostel wardens, they are professionals who understand their role as caring, nurturing and sometimes firm parents, who want the best for each child.  

We rely on the closeness of our community. Our core strength is our ability to celebrate diversity while establishing and living out our common values. The scope for learning in our multicultural, residential community then becomes both constant and profound. Parents, teachers and residential parents are in close communication to reach out to and support every student. Our students’ residences are a unique combination of a space that is home and community at the same time. Unlike most boarding schools, we keep the number of students in each residence small, so every member’s needs can be identified and addressed, while at the same time providing them ample space to develop and reflect. This means their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academic development is closely assisted and supported in every way.

A student’s needs and welfare are central to our residential program. Within the consistent environment that a boarding school provides, there is a lot that our students look forward to. Our Activities department is always at work planning something new and engaging for the weekends. There are dorm dances and open house activities where the residential students get a chance to socialize and host other students. You can read more about the KIS Activities department here

Our hundred year-long traditions feed into the KIS residential program. Residences have history, they have personalities, they have distinct locations that add character to the mix at the school. 

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