KIS Dispensary, known affectionately as the ‘Dish’, is a 24-bed medical care facility with 24-hour healthcare, and the capacity to conduct outpatient and inpatient treatment; minor procedures and minor surgery. KIS has a full-time doctor and four registered nurses that are available to patients at all times during the semester, and on weekdays during the holidays. 

  • Dish is supported by fully qualified medical and nursing personnel.

  • The KIS school physician and family medicine specialist is assisted by three full time nursing staff and is supported by the nearby Van Allen hospital in Kodaikanal and the internationally renowned specialist hospitals of Vellore and Madurai if necessary.

  • The Dish is situated in a picturesque corner of the campus away from the noise and bustle of everyday school life. It has 24 beds for general ailments not requiring specialized treatment. The out-patient wing caters for day to day outpatient requirements, minor procedures and minor surgeries.

  • Routine health concerns are normally seen during specified clinic hours. After hour calls are reserved for significant medical issues.

  • Students are discouraged from keeping medication in the dorm for intermittent self-administration in order to minimize any possibility of misuse by the student and others.