Safety & Security

Safety and Security at KIS

KIS strives to focus on protecting all students and staff. A security policy has been developed to enable KIS security staff to adhere with fairness and consistency. The policy outlines procedures to be followed during emergency situations on KIS properties. Staff and students are requested to wear their identity cards to ease identification by security staff. Security is provided round-the-clock at the main campus, Ganga campus (K-8 Campus) and all KIS dorms.

The safety of our students is taken very seriously, and a solid security network on both campuses ensures maximum effort is made in this regard.

  • The Safety and Security Department monitors issues related to school safety and security. Best practices related to school safety and security are recommended to the Senior Management Team. Necessary prevention programs like Fire Evacuation, Lockdown, Bomb Threat are developed and periodically reviewed to assist school and administrators in evaluating school safety. It also¬† provides training in security and safety to its guards and other staff.
  • The Safety and Security Department monitors and responds to all emergencies 24×7. The CCTV is in operation in school campuses and is being monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention, the prevention from bullying, for the safety of our staff and students and for the protection of school property. This system is in operation round the clock, every day.
  • The main campus sees a security booth at every exit point, while the Ganga campus incorporates a layered system with two security checks. Ganga campus is entirely self-contained with classrooms, dorms, playing field, and a full-fledged kitchen, so students between grade 4 and 8 rarely need to leave, but are ferried by school transport for any outings, including visits to the high school. Elementary and middle schoolers are compulsorily accompanied by a chaperone if they have to leave the campus for some reason.
  • High school students are subjected to a strict dress code, and have limited time allowances off campus, and only to a restricted set of approved areas nearby like the supermarket and designated eateries. Female students are allowed to visit the same places in groups of three or more, and are all housed on the main campus.
  • KIS also takes a strong stand against drug and alcohol abuse, along with a zero tolerance policy towards bullying.
  • Common injuries and illnesses are handled in-house by a full-time doctor and the DISH staff, and KIS is also associated with the local Van Allen Hospital. The school has its own ambulance for medical emergencies. Local police are also at hand in case of any unforeseen irregularities and respond quickly to contact.

We realize that KIS needs to be a happy home away from home for our students to succeed, and are always looking at ways to raise the bar and provide a memorable residential school experience.

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