KIS Diploma

KIS High School comprises grades 9-12. As an American high school, all students graduate from KIS with an internationally recognized High School Diploma. Students in grades 9-10 follow the Middle Years Program, with grades 11-12 students working within the IB framework or towards the KIS diploma. The KIS IB Diploma program, running alongside the High School Diploma program, is optional for grades 11 and 12. Both IB and SAT results at KIS have been outstanding, compared with the world and US means.

KIS High School Students are prepared for admission to colleges and universities throughout the world.

KIS Diploma

KIS High School Diploma

KIS Diploma is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, Philadelphia and recognized by the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, as equivalent to the Indian “+2” secondary certification. Requirements for receiving the KIS Diploma are defined in terms of credits, which apply to subjects in grades 9 to 12. Apart from the core subjects, students are expected to complete courses in Religious Education, Health, Fine and Practical Arts, Computer Education and Community Service requirements to be eligible for the US accredited KIS Diploma. All graduating year 12 students receive the KIS Diploma.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

In addition to the KIS Diploma, students may earn the IB Diploma by passing at least 6 examinations in prescribed subject areas: 3 must be at a Higher Level and 3 at a Standard Level. IB examination papers are set by international experts and marked externally.  As the first school in India and the second in Asia to offer the IB Diploma, KIS now has an outstanding 30+ year track record of world ranking academic results. Students must also complete:

  • 100 hours of course instruction in Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • An extended essay of 4000-5000 words involving independent research in an IB subject
  • An approved program of community service, creative activities and extra-curricular activity (CAS)
Accreditation and Affiliations