KIS IB Diploma

At KIS the IB Diploma Program is optional and fully integrated into the US accredited KIS High School Diploma curriculum delivered to grades 11-12.


The IB is a rigorous program which involves studying a minimum of six subjects, three or four at higher level (HL) and three or two at standard level (SL). Examination papers are set by international experts and marked externally. Students must also:

  • Complete at least 100 hours of instruction in an interdisciplinary course called Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Complete an extended essay of 4000-5000 words involving independent research in an IB subject
  • Participate in an approved 150 hour program of creative, active and community service activities (CAS or Creativity, Activity and Service)

The IB Diploma program model indicates the 6 subject areas from which choice of subjects are made. KIS IB Diploma subjects are chosen from each of the following six groups below:

Group Subject Courses
1 Group 1
(Studies in Language & Literature)
English A: Literature SL/HL, Language & Literature HL/SL and Korean A:Language & Literature SL/HL
2 Group 2
(Language Acquisition)
English B SL, Hindi B SL/HL, Spanish B SL/HL, Spanish Ab SL, German B SL/HL, Korean B SL/HL, French B SL/HL and Tamil B SL
3 Group 3
(Individuals & Societies)
Business Management SL/ HL, Economics SL/HL, History SL/HL, Psychology SL/HL and World Religion SL
4 Group 4
Biology SL/HL, Chemistry SL/HL, Physics SL/HL, Environmental Systems and Societies SL and Computer Science SL/HL
5 Group 5
Math SL / HL, Math Studies SL
6 Group 6
(The Arts)
Visual Arts SL /HL, Film SL / HL and Music SL/HL


Students may take one subject from each of the six groups, or one subject each from Groups 1 – 5 and a second subject from Groups 3 – 4.
KIS courses which are available at IB Higher or Standard Level are indicated in the respective department sections of the KIS Curriculum Guide.

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