At KIS education goes way beyond the classroom.

We believe that sport achieves much more than simple physical wellbeing and that the intertwining of sport and education is highly rewarding and effective in the holistic development of the individual. Some learning that would otherwise remain theoretical and untested is effectively reinforced on the sports fields. Some of these include honesty, kindness, responsibility and respect, teamwork, cooperation equality and perseverance. At KIS, we aim to impart these and many more crucial life skills authentically in our various sporting arenas, which have been purposefully located across our various academic and residential campuses. Over the last few years, several outstanding players from KIS have received scholarships to study in prominent universities across the world.

Our perception of sport is aligned with the school’s vision and mission and contributes greatly towards the overall ethos. A significant part of this is the building of a community. The sporting facilities come alive with activity post academic hours, bringing together staff and students. Our exceptional sports department is represented by people with a rich variety of experience and skills. Their multifaceted backgrounds in sport range from coaching and theory to actual participation at the elite level. This makes our understanding of physical education unique, permeating the very essence of learning at KIS. 

The possibilities that sport offers in achieving a level playing field are manifold. Our sports department is oriented towards providing each student a chance to play a game and enjoy it. Emphasis is on having fun and learning rather than solely competing. While the school provides ample opportunity to students who excel in certain games to shine, there is a lot of impetus on representation. As a co-educational K-12 school, we encourage participation across age and gender. Younger students from primary and middle school often join their senior counterparts on field and court. Our staff also participates in games which supports mutual learning between staff and students. There are events which engage the school support staff as well. We also try to involve the larger Kodaikanal community in sports both as spectators and participants. 

Field Day 2023 in pictures!

Congratulations to the White House for winning Field Day 2023.


KIS provides fantastic sporting facilities, with two covered courts for basketball, indoor football, volleyball and a world-class Olympic standards badminton court. School features three playing fields for football, cricket, baseball and field hockey, one racquetball court, one squash court, three tennis courts and two children’s playgrounds. Thanks to generous alumni support, we also have a multi-station gym known as the Lock End Fitness Center, with the best quality equipment and provision for dance and aerobic classes.

Field Day is one the main highlights of the year at KIS. The entire school community enjoys the events of the day, as the three houses of KIS compete with each other in an atmosphere of fun and spirit.