Music at KIS


The KIS Music program is one of the most outstanding features offered at the school. Our music department is the largest amongst all our departments, comprising an array of renowned musicians from India and internationally with professional concert experience spanning the globe. Our school’s music tradition goes more than a 100 years back and KIS alumni include a number of distinguished composers, professional musicians, and those with a lifelong appreciation of music. Our students are regularly invited for collaborations by professional music groups in India and overseas. 

We believe all students can benefit from studying music and therefore we actively encourage students to participate in this unique program which is taught from Grades 3 to 12. 

Listen to our Students and Faculty Members

Mr. Pratap Chetrri, KIS Music HoD, playing Elegy op 24 by Gabriel Faure

Mr. Pratap, Mr. Prashanth and Mr. Rabindra led students to perform Gabriel’s Oboe, by Italian composer Ennio Morricone

Shreya playing the Wizard of Oz

Music at KIS

Noah and Rishab team up to play Patience by Guns and Roses

The KIS music department offers a comprehensive Western Music program. Students have the opportunity to take individual instruction as well as participate in a wide variety of ensembles. Instructions are tailored to suit students’ abilities and progress, using methods both modern and traditional. Students are offered lessons in voice, piano, full array of string instruments (bowed strings and guitar), percussion and wind instruments (woodwind or brass). 

In keeping with KIS’s vision and mission in India, we are one of the very few schools offering Indian Classical music both in the Hindustani and Carnatic traditions. Students have the option to study either traditions ranging from classical to modern popular music. Lessons are also offered in instrumental music such as the veena and harmonium. For the past two decades, outstanding Carnatic singers and veena players have been graduating from the school. Students of Indian music are taken to Thiruvaiyaru (Tanjore) for their music field trip to the famous St. Thiagaraja Aradhana Festival in January every year. Our students also appear for the reputed Annamalai University Music Grade Certificate Exam. 

Overall, KIS students enjoy a rich and varied musical life – both as performers and listeners. With concerts almost on a weekly basis, and ensembles ranging from soloists to orchestra – our students develop an appreciation and love for all that music has to offer. In addition to student groups, faculty regularly performs with advanced students or together with professional colleagues. Venues range from music in the chapel during church services to concerts in the Alumni Hall, and even chamber music in the student residences. With concerts of Western Art Music, Indian Classical Music and Rock concerts – there is something for everyone!

The music facilities at KIS are both extensive and well maintained by an in-house technician. KIS has over 50 music practice rooms, more than 50 pianos, full strings and orchestra instruments. The Music Departments at both Highclerc and Ganga campuses are equipped with ample practice rooms and large studios for rehearsing multiple ensembles simultaneously. There are a variety of concert venues, both large and small. These are ready spaces that can accommodate any artistic endeavour

KIS annually presents instrumental students for the Royal Schools of Music (RSM, London) examinations in Music for both Practical and Theory. We are also the South India examination centre for RSM since 1980 which makes it possible for our students to appear for the examination in-house. 

Watch our music students from the advanced ensembles of our Band, Choir and Orchestra performing in Hyderabad for a concert organized by the Deccan Voices and The Hyderabad Western Music Foundation.

Watch our virtual High School Choir sing Amazing by Pinkzebra.

Music at KIS
Music at KIS
Music at KIS
Music at KIS

The 2023 KIS Spring Concert in pictures

The 2022 KIS Winter Concert in pictures