Learning Resources

At KIS we are committed to providing equal opportunities to students with mild and moderate learning difficulties.

Our admissions policy has been especially drafted to accommodate students with learning disabilities. The KIS Learning Resources Department is dedicated to enhance the quality of education for individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning disorder and Asperger syndrome. We support individual needs of these students by providing appropriate strategies to develop them into independent learners. The department comprises experienced trained educators with a background in classroom teaching and a degree in Psychology or Special Education.

Students who appear for admissions with documentation of their learning difficulties are interviewed by the Learning Resources team and two senior administrative staff. Candidates can also be referred by their teachers or parents. Mild Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in one area of academics, either language or math. These problems exhibit themselves in comprehension, sequencing, auditory and visual processing at a mild level. Moderate Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in two areas of academics both in language and math. 

Following their admissions, the Learning Resources Department keeps in close touch with the students and assists them every step of the way. The department supports them to attain their fullest educational and personal potential and by facilitating their integration in the school environment. Students with learning difficulties are provided multisensory individualized instructions through modified programs designed collaboratively with teachers. Students are also trained in skills that help them with organization, time management and academic learning. The ultimate aim is to create independent learners, who eventually pick up the skills that enable them to autonomously cope with their areas of challenge. 

Each year we observe students who join KIS with learning difficulties blossoming into individuals who feel confident in themselves and contribute in various ways to the institution and the society.