Elementary School

A great early years’ school experience can create lifelong learners who find joy in seeking knowledge. The KIS Elementary School is a very important part of our community.

Our effort is to build an environment that matches a young mind’s innate curiosity to learn new things each day through various mediums and experiences. We give our young learners the best foundation, while acknowledging the fact that not all students sitting in a classroom learn the same way. A lot of what they absorb depends on where each student is at in the learning process and our role is to identify their position on this learning curve by establishing intentional opportunities for engagement and interaction.

Inside the classroom we create spaces that stimulate a child's mind, making sure that everyone feels engaged and enjoys the learning process. The classroom size is deliberately kept small to ensure that specific needs of each student are addressed in the best way possible. Students are encouraged to express their ideas, take intellectual and emotional risks, and learn from each other in our multicultural classrooms. The key is to break out of the pressures and stress that are associated with learning in conventional teaching scenarios.

Primary Years Program

The KIS Elementary School takes students from four to 11 years of age. We are one of the few fully authorized IB Schools in India that follow the pedagogical framework of the Primary Years Program (PYP). The PYP is a remarkably progressive, well researched program for formative years of learning aimed at encouraging students to become lifelong learners. It is a combination of best educational practices from all over the globe, responding to challenges and opportunities facing young students in an ever-changing world. The program delivers excellent outcomes by providing an education that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. 

The KIS PYP team is fully trained and committed to providing their students interdisciplinary learning opportunities that rely mainly on student inquiry and nurture the development of the whole child; focusing on social, physical, emotional and social needs in addition to academic development. The emphasis is on creating a learning community where students are considered active agents and partners in the process of their own learning. Our educators facilitate students’ learning through innovative methods of teaching which help them get a firm grip of the fundamental concepts of each subject. Lessons are designed around Units of Inquiry that are reviewed annually and are integrated throughout various subjects. These units are focused on detailed exploration of things and concepts children are already exposed to in their everyday lives. Our younger students regularly make internal class presentations which remarkably help in boosting their confidence levels. 

As part of the uniquely crafted PYP assessment model, students themselves reflect on their work. This encourages students to take ownership of their learning while keeping them confident and motivated. Self-assessment also helps them in learning to take feedback more positively.   

In addition to classroom learning, students participate in a variety of activities which further develop a child’s physical/motor and creative abilities. Students from our Elementary School regularly take part in larger school performances of drama and music, breaking beyond the intergenerational barriers. At KIS, we encourage younger students to regularly join the seniors on the sports fields too. In addition to this, there are physical activities specifically designed with a focus on our younger students to improve their skills and also instil important human values like honesty, teamplay, kindness and perseverance. Physical Education and Art are core subjects at the primary level. We introduce our students to different forms of art from across the globe while trying to connect it to their classroom learning. 

Cultural and creative activities are scheduled throughout the academic calendar providing ample opportunity to the students to showcase their talent and further develop their special skills.  


The Elementary school compound housed on the Ganga campus, is a hub of activity. It’s been designed with an idea to provide our young learners the best of outdoor and indoor experience. The compound features a colourful children’s playground with a sand pit and an obstacle course. Students enjoy their wholesome lunch at the inhouse cafeteria where the younger ones are supervised to ensure they are eating well. Primary school library is one of the key features of the compound as we actively encourage our younger students to explore the world of books so they develop the habit of reading early on. 


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