Why KIS?

KIS is truly a school the world needs.

Our inordinate focus on the individual development of each student means that a KIS graduate leaves the school adaptive, adept and comfortable in the diverse, multicultural world of the 21st century.

KIS students come from a range of nations, ethnicities and diverse economic backgrounds. This makes KIS a melting pot of cultures, empowering the students as individuals with a deep understanding of diversity; young open minds that learn from each other and are able to flourish and make a difference. 

We believe that learning is organic and expansive; active rather than passive. The school environment at KIS has been carefully designed to support our understanding that learning is a natural, continuous process that goes far beyond the walls of a classroom. When learning is intentionally active, students construct an ever-widening view of the world through a range of interdisciplinary experiences within and outside the traditional classroom setting. 

With most of our staff residing on the school campuses, the overall environment at KIS is incredibly friendly and extremely supportive. The scope for learning in our multicultural, residential community is both continuous and profound. Students and staff learn from each other in the classroom, on the sports field, in their residences, on hikes and field trips, and across the many organic learning spaces found at KIS.

Our natural location is central to our identity. Close interaction with the community makes it possible for our students to benefit from real-world situations and authentic learning opportunities. Learning in the context of locality and environment enhances the ability of young, curious minds to grasp complex concepts and apply them in both practical and compassionate ways. Our students learn to engage thoughtfully with others, respect and preserve the natural world, and emerge from their KIS experience as responsible world citizens.

At KIS our students are celebrated as the unique individuals they are and allowed to develop creatively, experientially, intellectually, socially, academically and personally---without fear of judgement or disapproval. As a result, our students grow into confident, assertive, and emotionally resilient young adults.

What Parents are Saying

A Parent Testimonial: Pooja Shetty

Pooja says, "The school provides the required surroundings and interactions to develop my children into full-rounded human beings. I see my children having more interactions and particularly appreciate the approachability of the teachers."

Parent Testimonial: Christiaan Bosman

Christiaan says, "It was our daughter who found Kodai and wanted to attend. She feels like she is heard, appreciated and her opinion is valued. It's not just the IB curriculum, but it offers the Arts, choir, voice trainings, etc. The teachers are committed to teaching the subject so that each child can understand. A big part of studying at KIS is that the kids are on campus and understand the values of the community over just the individual values."

KIS Parent Testimonial: Ajay Kirloskar

Ajay shares what the Kodai experience is all about from an Alumni perspective and now as a parent: "Kodai transforms you. KIS allows you to blossom and supports you in the journey of discovery. There are now hundreds of international schools, but the uniqueness of Kodai is very apparent. KIS has stayed true to what it has been through the years to produce fine people, who are ready for the world."

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