The Atur Foundation Scholarship for Excellence

The Atur Foundation Scholarship for Excellence is presented to a deserving Indian National student residing in India, who wishes to enter Grade 9 or 11 at KIS. This scholarship seeks an individual who demonstrate significant financial need, excel academically, exhibit outstanding personal character, and show determination and perseverance in overcoming challenges, alongside a strong will to succeed.

This scholarship has been made possible due to the generous contribution from the Atur Foundation Charitable Trust, which was founded by Mr. Atur Sangtani, with one of its objectives being to promote education amongst the youth of the future.

Mr. Atur Sangtani was a businessman and philanthropist, who strongly believed that education is vital in order to foster a better future for our youth. He was actively involved in many educational institutions in Pune; amongst these was the renowned Symbiosis University, where he was the Founder President. Mr Sangtani started the 'Atur Foundation' with the sole purpose of donating funds towards the economically disadvantaged. Today, his family continue to run the foundation and uphold his philanthropic legacy, passion for education and commitment to nurturing the potential of future generations.

Criterion for granting the Atur Foundation Scholarship for Excellence

  • The scholarship will be granted to an Indian national residing in India and seeking an admission at KIS in grade 9 or 11.
  • The applicant should demonstrate a substantial financial need (i.e., family income that is not sufficient to cover all education-related expenses at KIS).
  • Applicants should excel academically and exhibit outstanding personal character. The recipient will need to maintain a grade-point average (GPA) above 3.6.
  • Applicants should exhibit determination and perseverance in the face of challenges and should possess a strong will to succeed
  • Applicants must pursue the full IBDP programme at KIS

Amount Awarded

  • This two/four-year scholarship covers the full tuition and development fees for a student entering in Grade 9 or 11, supporting them until graduation.


To apply, please download the application form below.

The Atur Foundation Scholarship for Excellence Application Form

For any questions and more information, please contact our Admissions Team:

Ruth Godwin
Admissions Director
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Sheethal Govindan
Admissions Officer
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