Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships


The KIS fee structure is set by the Council of Directors and reviewed annually. All parents/guardians will be notified of any change in KIS fee structure before 31 December of the previous academic year.

Sibling discounts are available to parents who will have more than one child studying at KIS. The first sibling will be provided a 10% discount in annual fees, while the second and subsequent siblings are eligible for 20% discount in annual fees.

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KIS Fee Schedule

Financial aid is available to assist qualified students who need financial assistance. If you would like to request financial aid, please contact the Admissions office.

Financial Aid

As a Christian school, KIS has always recognized that it has a responsibility to its broader community and as such, has made provision to support the education of students coming from socio-economic backgrounds that would otherwise prevent them from studying at the school. To achieve this objective the school budgets a substantial percentage of its financial income and continues to build on an endowment fund to support Financial Aid and Scholarships. You can find out more in our Scholarships section.

For further details pertaining to eligibility for Financial Aid, please review the 2022 KIS Financial Aid Policy  or contact our Admissions Office.


For the first 75 years of KIS’s existence, tuition fees were provided for from individual foreign churches, mission boards, diplomatic agencies, the UN and organizations. Families paying their own fees were a rarity. In the 1970’s the school’s demographics changed with an increasing number of families paying their own fees.

As these changes became apparent, the school found it necessary to continue to attract deserving students while maintaining the demographic diversity which makes KIS unique. The student would need to exhibit the values we look for which include an outstanding character the ability and willingness to contribute to public service, artistic and / or athletic life of the school, leadership, participation in volunteer, community, school-related activities and critical thinking ability.

Our commitment has been to offer a holistic education to students across the world who are unable to afford such an education. The scholarship we would like to offer would address the issue of unmet financial need which includes limited family income or funds not sufficient to cover education related expenses.

KIS currently offers the following scholarship programs:

For any questions and more information, please contact our Admissions Team:

Ruth Godwin  
Admissions Director
Mobile: +91 93423 01123

Sheethal Govindan
Admissions Officer
Direct: +91 4542 247 218