Our Campus

We’re a multiple-campus school with world-class facilities to help us provide the very best to our students.

Presently, the school runs from seven different campuses in the main town Kodaikanal. We have two beautiful academic campuses that also provide staff and student accommodation: Highclerc, housing KIS High School (grades 9-12), and Ganga, home to KIS Elementary School (grades 1-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8). In total, we have 73 classrooms, 3 libraries, 2 media centers, 5 computer/IT labs, 3 study halls, 6 science laboratories, and 1 student recreation room. 


Recreation and Sporting Facilities

We have fantastic recreation and sporting facilities, with two covered courts for basketball, indoor football, volleyball and a world-class Olympic standards badminton court. School features three playing fields for football, cricket, baseball and field hockey, one racquetball court, one squash court, three tennis courts and  two children’s playgrounds. Thanks to generous alumni support, we also have a multi-station gym known as the Loch End Fitness Center, with the best quality equipment and provision for dance and aerobic classes.

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Residential Facilities

We have 16 student residences spread over four campuses accommodating 25-35 students each. Students live under the care of a residential parent who ensures that the highest standards of hygiene and safety are adhered to within the residence. Each residence works as a family unit and the residential parent along with the students are given the freedom to create their own unique home. At same time, each student is given one’s own space to thrive. We have a cap of maximum three students sharing one room. There are kitchens in the residences and the residential parents ensure that students are well fed and well rested. Additional provision is made for cravings later in the night! The overall emphasis in each residence is on providing students private spaces to grow under adult guidance, with the unique combination of a space that is home and community at the same time.        

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Camping Facility 

KIS is probably the only school in India that can boast of having its own dedicated campus for outdoor and hiking activities. This also goes to prove the emphasis we lay on establishing a connection between the students and the environment that surrounds them. Our Poondi campsite’s 135 acres are home to rich flora and fauna and is the perfect getaway for a weekend of fun, adventure, bonding and learning. The lake that lies on this site plays host to activities such as canoeing, boating and swimming and the campsite also has a rope course, zip line and a professional climbing wall. Our well-trained staff ensure that the highest safety standards are met and that all students stay safe while enjoying themselves. There are permanent mud huts besides tents that provide an authentic outdoor experience to our students. Depending on the grade, every student is taken to the campsite at least once a year. For our more experienced senior students, the school outdoor team also organises 80 mile hikes around the campus that span over three days.    

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IT Facility

The IT facilities at KIS are up-to-date and enable smooth academic transactions even during trying times such as the recent Covid pandemic. During the pandemic, KIS was able to swiftly move to the online learning platform. The school transitioned back into classroom teaching by successfully adopting a blended learning format. We will effectively harness the benefits of online learning and use it when appropriate and required. 

KIS was among the first schools in India to have a networking system connected by a fibre optic cable backbone intranet. Popularly known as KISNET, this highly streamlined internal communication intranet page allows easy and timely updates to be received by staff and students alike. It is the go-to site to keep oneself up to speed with everything from exam and class timetables to activities and events.  All our student residences are connected through hi speed fibre optics. 

Our online learning policies are designed to align with our mission and vision to enhance the emotional and physical wellbeing of students while upholding the best interactive teaching and learning outcomes. We encourage our students to maintain a healthy balance between academic learning and physical, spiritual, social, and emotional growth as well as free-time activities, even in an online environment.