KIS Student Sets Asian Record

KIS Student Sets Asian Record
Kodaikanal International School

KIS Grade 6 student Insaf Mohamed made a “splash” by creating a record of floating on water for one hour, 11 minutes, and 14 seconds. His name appeared in the India Book of Records in December 2021 and has eventually been registered in the Asia Book of Records. 

The previous record in his age category was held by a girl swimmer from Kerala who floated on water for 60 minutes. Insaf shattered her record by 11 minutes and 14 seconds.    

Insaf’s first encounter with water wasn’t entirely a pleasant one. “I was playing by the pool at a farmhouse in Kilakarai in Ramanathapuram district and accidentally fell in the water,” he said. When his father rushed to the pool to help him, he found Insaf peacefully floating in the swimming pool. He was three years old then. Today he is 11-years-old and feels most comfortable when he is in a pool full of water. 

Insaf Mohamed

Taking a cue from Insaf’s love for the water, it was his father Mr. Sulthan Mohamed who encouraged him to try to make a record. Years of training led him to give his best shot on December 29, 2021. It was a big day and Insaf was a little nervous when all the press from Tamil Nadu had gathered to watch him float for the longest duration in India at his age. He had managed to do it once before, but this was the final test. His performance was live-streamed to India Book of Records’ representatives who were keeping a close eye on each second that passed. 

That day his mother cheered him up and he tried to calm his nerves as he stepped into the water. And then, he did it! “I will not say that it was easy to achieve this,” he said. “But with practice, it’s not impossible.” His whole family was so proud of him when he received his medal and a certificate. His achievement was also recognized by the KIS Principal at the all-school assembly in February this year.

Insaf Mohamed

Insaf was also awarded at the Republic Day ceremony in Ramanathapuram as a young achiever in January. 

His interest in water and swimming pools doesn’t just stop at floating. He can stay underwater for a minute and can also do backflips while swimming. You can tell that he is keenly interested in swimming pools as his eyes light up when he talks about a Madurai resort with private pools.          

Insaf wants to earn a name for India in competitive floating world events. “I want to practice more and do better. I want to make India proud,” he said. He is now preparing for a mention in the Guinness World Records and has also been recommended by the local administration for recognition from the Tamil Nadu state government. 

The whole KIS community is proud of his achievements and we wish him success in his future endeavors.