Class of 1983 Reunion in Houston

Class of 1983 Reunion in Houston
Mona Oommen, Class Representative KIS Class of 1983


Group picture: 

Standing in the back, left to right: Gita Mehrabani, Sharon Morris Bilsborough, Marianne Andersen, Naoshirvan Vakil (Noffy), Khaishoon Basrai and Jonathan Rudd. 
Seated on chairs, left to right: Klaus Neufeld, Sarita Patel, Sherri Lee, Mustafa Gulçimen, Mayura Sardesai Jaiman, Noi Vongsnara Torroella, Nooresha Basrai Biabani, Tina Hingorani (Viveka Malani), and over on the right, seated, Sunil Desai, Chitra Chadhokar, Martin Messick, Binod Devadas, Damayanthi Niles, Sanjay Harman.   
Seated on the ground, left to right: Wendy Hamilton, Sandra Gass, Gail Nichol Moyer, Mona Oommen, Avantika Akerkar (Tiki), Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Nikhat Fatehally Powell. Missing: Jyoti Komanapalli, Rupak Nag and Suneeta Jagtiani Rangwani.


The Class of 1983 celebrated our 40th anniversary in June 2023. It was an absolutely fabulous reunion in Houston, with a solid showing of 30 classmates from around the world! That's nearly 50% of our graduating class.

We were privileged to be in Kodai at a very unique time in the school's transformation from an American school to an international school where the 64 of us in the graduating class came from 23 different countries.

Over the years since we graduated, we've had many class reunions (and one multi-class 80s reunion), either in classmates' homes or in a mutually decided location. Just when we think we've had the most fun reunion ever, the next one ends up topping it! This one was no exception.

Top left: Marianne Andersen, Klaus Neufeld, Sandra Gass. Top right: Suneeta Jagtiani Rangwani, Mustafa Gulçimen, Gita Mehrabani, Sunil Desai. Bottom left: Sanjay Harman, Avantika Akerkar (Tiki), Rupak Nag.  Bottom right: Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Binod Devadas, Jyoti Komanapalli.


A huge part of it of course is the energy and the bottomless hospitality of Nooresha Biabani (nèe Basrai) who opened up her home for the 3rd time to us. I could write pages about “No-filter Norry” as we call her, her contagious laugh, genuinely delicious cooking, and finely tuned planning skills. But our class also has a great synergy as well as an abiding sense of our roots and of the ties that bind us together. For that reason, the Class of '83 probably had more classmates serve on the school board and KFI board than any other class.

Thank you to all our classmates who came from near and from far! Thanks to Norry, and to Suneeta Jagtiani Rangwani who hosted a Texas BBQ at her home one evening, and to Martha Jean Brodhead who couldn't make it this time but sponsored our Thursday night dinner. Romba nandri. Bahuth Shukriya. Vielen Dank. Merci beaucoup. Until next time, Salut!

Top left: Avantika Akerkar (Tiki), Sarita Patel, Chitra Chadhokar, Mona Oommen, Tina Hingorani (Viveka Malani), Sandra Gass, Nooresha Basrai Biabani. Top right: Khaishoon Basrai, Noi Vongsnara Torroella. Bottom left: Mayura Sardesai Jaiman, Alefiyah Basrai (Khaishoon's wife). Bottom right: Jonathan Rudd, Sanjay Harman, Mustafa Gulçimen (front).