A Memorable Painting in Washington

A Memorable Painting in Washington
Manjusha Ninan

Kodai Friends International (KFI) President, Margaret Greene presented Senator Chris Van Hollen with a painting and a letter from KIS Principal Corey Stixrud, in his home in Washington. “He was very pleased to receive it and got caught up in reminiscing about the school, the town, hiking in the surrounding areas, including Mount Perumal, and even the possibility of coming sometime to Camp K. The gift and communication really hit their mark - he was touched and delighted,” says Margaret Greene.

The painting is of Kodaikanal Lake and School. The artist is a former KIS Art Teacher, Mr. Rajkumar who taught Art at Kodai School in the '70s and '80s. His two children, Veena and Vikram were also students at the school. 

Rajkumar kindly gifted the painting to Peter and Peggy Jenks who were on the Staff at Kodai School from 1980 to 1993. The Jenks suggested to Principal Corey Stixrud that this painting be presented to Senator Chris Van Hollen from the school and KFI in appreciation of his strong identification with and support for the school. “We trust that it will conjure up many of the fond memories that he has from his time at the Kodai,” says Peter Jenks.

Margaret concludes, “Thank you all for making such a lovely gift and communication possible. It meant a great deal to Chris.”