A KIS you work in a multicultural environment along with highly qualified and experienced colleagues. You will find camaraderie, strong friendships, a wealth of experiences and information shared amongst staff. Opportunities for new experiences abound in the diversity offered by life at KIS such as:

  • Hiking and camping in world heritage nature conservation areas
  • Unique outdoor environment 
  • Annual field trips within South India that provide cultural and service oriented experience
  • Social experience – an opportunity to make a difference to KIS and the community around us

Working at KIS

Living at KIS

Our professional staff members enjoys school provided residences with basic furnishings in charming cottages and apartments scattered over the school’s campuses.

Staff Accommodations

Living in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal town is located above the southern ridge of the Palani Hills at an elevation of 2,133 meters. The best of Kodai and the Palani Hills, the views, waterfalls, wildlife and jungles are all beyond the confines of the school campus and town. The proximity to mountains, valleys, waterfalls, clean air, wild animals, lakes, and meadows, is intentionally built upon by the school in the form of hiking, camping and outdoor activities.

Town of Kodaikanal
Town of Kodaikanal
Town of Kodaikanal
Town of Kodaikanal
Town of Kodaikanal

Volunteering at KIS

For decades, KIS has encouraged personal and professional philanthropists in an extraordinary and popular volunteer program. People of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds are welcomed into this residential community and spend one or two semesters at KIS helping out with whatever needs doing. Volunteers are housed, provided with all essential services, may eat all meals in the school cafeteria with the students and residential staff and receive an honorarium to acknowledge their contributions. If you have professional skills to offer or time to spare or a sabbatical to take, consider a Volunteer assignment at KIS. To apply, please contact our Human Resource Officer at hr@kis.

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