Senior Human Resources Manager

Department: Human Resources

Supervisor: Principal

Position Start Date: July 2023

Position Description: To assist the Principal in matters concerning Personnel and Human Resources, leading, developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall vision, mission, values, goals and strategy of KIS, in consultation with the Principal. 

Preferred Academic Qualifications

  • MBA in HR management from a premier university

  • Competency in computer use; knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and database management

Professional Skills

  • Proven outstanding skills in all areas of Human Resources including Compensation & Benefits, Recruitment & Staffing, Induction & Orientation, Policy Management, Manpower Planning, Employee Relations, Salary & Payroll, Training & Development, Career Planning

  • Strongly System and process driven

  • Ability to communicate fluently and effectively in English (oral and written); fluency in spoken Tamil or willingness to undertake instruction preferable

  • Possess high-level organizational and planning skills, including effective management of electronic and paper files

  • Deadline oriented with ability to make sound and informed decisions

  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills, be detail oriented, and have complex problem solving ability

  • Proven ability to work effectively with people from all cultures and backgrounds

  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team


  • Strongly aligned to the vision and mission of KIS
  • Confident, assertive and wholesome in approach
  • Open-minded, a good listener
  • Uses systems thinking in all areas of work

Professional Experience

  • Minimum eight years of full-time HR and/or administrative experience, preferably in an educational environment
  • Familiarity with labor laws and legal requirements for hiring, domestic enquiries and termination



  • Communicate with prospective staff in a professional manner, providing accurate information about the School, with special reference to school policies

  • Hiring duties and modalities

  • Coordinate with various departments to facilitate a smooth transition for new staff into KIS

  • Meet with new staff on arrival and ensure that all formalities are completed

  • Manage arrangements, such as shipping, housing, hospitality, and reimbursement of expenses, for outbound and inbound staff

  • Interpret Staff Service Rules and advise employees on their duties, rights, and benefits; judge when staff should be referred to the Administration for further discussion as required

  • Develop and maintain staff database; maintain personnel files for Support and Operational staff in an effective system

  • Contribute thoughtful feedback on the School’s database programming

  • Facilitate staff Evaluation and Exit Interview processes

  • Maintain and update job descriptions for Professional, Support, and Operational staff

  • Liaise effectively with other departments within the School

  • Following termination requirements 

  • Plan, control, and execute the Human Resources budget

  • Assist the Principal when needed

  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality

  • Support school’s guiding principles

Application Process:

  1. Download Application Form >> KIS Administrative Position Application Form
  2. Fill-in the required information
  3. Use the form below to submit your application along with your resume

Please note that applications that do not include the application form and a resume will not be considered. 



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