SEED HoD and CAS Coordinator

Department: Academic

Supervisor: Academic Vice Principal

Position Start Date: July 2023

Position Description: The SEED HoD plans, arranges and prepares students to engage in outreach and social experience opportunities in Kodaikanal and surrounding areas. Service and commitment to others is an important value at KIS and is expressed partly through this department. The CAS Coordinator develops IB students’ understanding of CAS and leads all CAS related academic activities.

Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate of a recognized university in a relevant area (social work, international or urban development, education, environmental studies etc.)

Professional Experience

  • Two years’ work or volunteer experience with development projects involving local population

  • At least three years of teaching experience preferably in an IB, multi-cultural or international context with students of difference age groups desirable

Professional Skills

  • Knowledge of Tamil language and South Indian culture to be able to effectively communicate with the community at large and surrounding villages

  • Possess strong English oral and written skills

  • Experience in motivational learning techniques and ability to communicate well with students

  • Proficient IT skills (word processing, email, spreadsheets, photo management)



  • Support KIS guiding principles

  • Teach up to 75% out of total instructional periods in a 6-day cycle

  • Preparation,  marking,  report  writing  and  all  other  administration  related  to  the  teaching  of  the subject(s)

  • Participate in departmental meetings, planning, in-service training activities and invigilation duties as required by the Head of Department or Coordinators

  • Coordinate three Social Experience field trips per semester to target tribal villages

  • Coordinate all the field trips during Field Trip Week for Middle School and High School

  • Enable students to fulfil their required social service hours of 15/semester and IB students to fulfill their CAS social service requirements

  • Coordinate afterschool MYP “Community and Service” outreach activities

  • Write student reports, as needed

  • Manage project activities and budgets and produce narrative and financial reports

  • Be available to conference with students out of class.

  • Promptly pass information to advisors, residential Parents and  Coordinators  when  student’s  attendance, academic performance or behavior is praiseworthy or giving cause for concern

  • To  be  available  for  work  on  campus  in  good  time  to  complete  all  necessary  preparations  and meetings  before  the  start  of  the  term

  • To hand-over all relevant material l to the HoD / Coordinator upon departure from KIS

  • To  respect  the  confidential  nature  of  discussions  at  staff  meetings  and  other  contexts  in  which sensitive  information  is  likely  to  be  communicated  –  particularly  in  terms  of  interaction  with students

  • Support residential life of the school by chaperoning activities, clubs, field trips, camp, long weekend field day etc., and being advisor to a group of students

CAS Coordinator Role

  • Motivate, inspire, and encourage students towards improved CAS participation
  • Support students in the development of student-designed CAS work
  • Support various student CAS activities throughout the school
  • Ensure students are well informed about the CAS program and assist them in making informed decisions
  • Track student involvement in CAS
  • Confer with each CAS student throughout the two year program
  • Track student involvement in CAS
  • Maintain and review student records
  • Create a close relationship with the HS, IB, EE/TOK Coordinators to connect all aspects of student learning throughout the secondary school
  • Ensure up-to-date communication between the IB and CIS with respect to CAS requirements, key issues and developments
  • Provide leadership, support, and mentorship to teachers involved with CAS
  • Be available to discuss concerns of IB teachers, parents, and students as the need arises
  • Promote and publicize achievements
  • Contact and organize outside agencies and individuals for CAS activities
  • Report student achievement to the IB, as required
  • Fulfill other duties as required by the Vice Principal/Principal

Application Process:

  1. Download Application Form >> KIS Academic Position Application Form
  2. Fill-in the required information
  3. Use the form below to submit your application along with your resume

Please note that applications that do not include the application form and a resume will not be considered. 



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