Residential Parent

Department: Residential Life

Supervisor: Dean of Residential Life

Position Start Date: July 2023

Position Description: The KIS Residential parent plays an important role in overseeing their students’ adjustment, wellbeing, academic, and behavior support, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual progress through the school year. They are responsible for the residential needs of each student under their care, in loco parentis. . 

Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate from a recognized university or college with a Bachelors’ degree

  • Training in child development or principles of learning desired

Professional Experience

  • At least two years working with elementary, middle or high school students in a school or residential setting

  • Experience with counseling, mediation, or social work with youngsters

Professional Skills

  • Be at least 25 years of age and display a high level of maturity

  • Be dynamic, energetic, flexible but firm, loving, decisive and creative

  • Able to form healthy, meaningful relationships with young persons

  • Enjoy being with and understanding young people

  • Understand how to be a good parent

  • Be non-judgmental in attitude and able to understand issues around diversity in relation to culture, religion and other social and personal issues

  • Possess excellent communication skills, oral and written, in English

  • Additional languages preferred

  • Have excellent organization skills, including time management and supervisory skills

  • Be IT literate

  • Be willing to learn, take part in and contribute to your own and others professional development

  • Understand the role of behavior management and support for the healthy development of students.

  • Understand about lines of communication and accountability in school organizations



Be responsible for the following aspects of residential life:

  • Student well-being and adjustment to KIS
  • Health, safety and housekeeping

  • Spiritual leadership and spiritual growth of individual students

  • Communication with parents, advisors, coordinators and/or teachers

  • Understand the relationship between residential life and school/academic life

  • Support students during study time and liaise with teachers, paying particular attention to students in need of additional support and motivation in academic life.

  • Support positive student relationships with their teachers and other staff

  • Planning and implementation of residential routines and activities

  • Provision of residence treats and snacks

  • Reinforcing school-wide and dorm rules and timings-overseeing student behavior in the student residence and after school hours

  • Foster a culturally sensitive and positive environment

  • Daytime student supervision as assigned 

  • Support KIS guiding principles

  • Fulfill any other responsibilities as assigned by the Principal/Administration

  • Maintain and produce  appropriate reports and reports 

  • Manage and work within a residence budget and maintain appropriate records of spending 

  • Attend team meetings and take part in team training 

  • Support the role and work of the residential reliefs-ensure the residential relief knows the routines of the residence and students

  • Encourage students to access the range of activities at KIS, e.g. hiking, sports, activities etc.

Application Process:

  1. Download Application Form >> KIS Residential Parent Position Application Form
  2. Fill-in the required information
  3. Use the form below to submit your application along with your resume

Please note that applications that do not include the application form and a resume will not be considered. 



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