MYP Digital Design Teacher

Department: Design

Supervisor: Head of Department, Academic Vice Principal

Position Start Date: September 2023

Position Description: We are seeking a highly motivated and innovative Maker Space Program Developer and Coordinator for our school. The ideal candidate will be passionate about project-based learning and possess expertise in facilitating engaging experiences that leverage Maker Space equipment and pathways. This individual will play a vital role in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning among our primary, middle and high school students.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Education, Engineering, Technology or a related field

  • Proven experience in facilitating project-based learning and Maker Space activities

  • Proficiency in 3D modeling and design software, woodworking, metalworking, CNC machining, laser cutting, and 3D printing

  • Strong electronics and prototyping background

  • Eagerness to learn and adapt to new hardware and software technologies

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills for conducting workshops and training sessions

  • Ability to collaborate with faculty and students (k-12) to create a vibrant and inclusive Maker Space community.

  • Creative problem solver with a passion for encouraging innovation in education

  • Teaching experience at G6-10/ IB MYP level is an advantage. The school will provide internal and external training on the academic framework of the IB program

Professional Skills

  • Dedicated to student learning

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Team player with the ability to delegate and coordinate work

  • Willing to work creatively with available materials/resources

  • Able to create and teach interdisciplinary lessons

  • Understand the developmental characteristics, differences in learning styles and intelligence and adapt lesson planning and teaching appropriately

  • Capacity to support the goals and mission of KIS through his/her personal philosophy.


  • Design and Implement Project-Based Learning Experiences: Develop and execute project-based learning activities that integrate Maker Space equipment, allowing students to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Engineering Practices: Demonstrate familiarity with engineering practices that are suitable for a high school/middle school/PYP level, aligning the experiences with curriculum standards

  • Maker Space Expertise: Possess hands-on experience in various Maker Space technologies, including 3D modeling and design software, basic wood and metalworking, CNC machining, laser cutting, and 3D printing

  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest hardware and software technologies, actively upskilling and adapting to new innovations in the field.

  • Electronics and Prototyping: Guide students in electronics and prototyping projects, encouraging them to build and experiment with circuits, prototypes and robots.

  • Programming and Technology: Display eagerness to research and learn new programming languages and technologies, enhancing the Maker Space program with cutting-edge applications and robotics.

  • Faculty and Student Workshops: Facilitate workshops and training sessions for faculty and students, covering topics such as making, tinkering, innovation, problem-based learning, design thinking, and rapid prototyping.

  • Innovative Maker Activities: Conduct research and develop prototype-driven maker activities and STEAM experiences, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation within the school community

  • Classroom instruction: Designing, planning and teaching a computer/product design curriculum within the IB MYP framework; preparing students for internal and external assessments; supporting the pedagogical program of the school as members of the professional teaching faculty

  • Support KIS guiding principles

  • Teach up to 75% out of total instructional periods in a 6-day cycle

  • Preparation, marking, report writing and all other administration related to the teaching of the subject(s)

  • Participate in departmental meetings, planning, in-service training activities and invigilation duties as required by the Head of Department or Coordinators

  • Be available to conference with students out of class

  • Promptly pass information to advisors, residential Parents and Coordinators when student’s attendance, academic performance or behavior is praiseworthy or giving cause for concern

  • To be available for work on campus in good time to complete all necessary preparations and meetings before the start of the term

  • To hand-over all relevant material l to the HoD / Coordinator upon departure from KIS

  • To respect the confidential nature of discussions at staff meetings and other contexts in which sensitive information is likely to be communicated – particularly in terms of interaction with students

  • Support residential life of the school by chaperoning activities, clubs, field trips, camp, long weekend field day etc., and being advisor to a group of students

  • Fulfill other duties as required by the Head of department/Vice Principal/Principal


Application Process:

  1. Download Application Form >> KIS Academic Position Application Form
  2. Fill-in the required information
  3. Use the form below to submit your application along with your resume

Please note that applications that do not include the application form and a resume will not be considered. 



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