Food Services Manager

Position Name: Food Services Manager

Supervisor: Executive Administrative Manager

Position Description: The Food Services Manager’s role is to create and provide healthy and appealing meals for students in an international boarding school within a budget; and to supervise all kitchen staff. This includes execution of special orders for outdoor activities, camps, hikes, festival and other special occasion meals.

Starting From: July 2019

Preferred Academic Qualifications: Graduate of a recognized university or college with a B.A. or equivalent and/or have received diploma in Advanced Studies in Food Technology or Catering Management

Professional Skills:

  • Be conversant with purchase procedures
  • Be knowledgeable of dietary and nutritional requirements of various age groups
  • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English, with working knowledge of Tamil and Hindi
  • Be familiar with labour regulations and other legislation pertaining to Food Services

Professional Experience:

  • Demonstrated background in event organization and management
  • Experience working with youth


  •  Supervise the preparation of food production, both for routine and special meal services
  •  Prepare every month in advance suitable menus and accordingly draw out a material requirement schedule taking into consideration seasonal and other factors affecting supplies.
  •  Purchase food and supplies to specification and check deliveries
  •  Inspect and maintain hygienic conditions in the kitchen and dining areas, as well as employee washroom facilities, organize cleaning schedules
  •  Supervise sanitation in all areas
  •  Arrange for testing of water and milk/milk products on a regular basis
  •  Arrange for medical checks of kitchen staff by the school doctor at least twice a year
  •  Supervise collection of waste, storage and removal of garbage
  •  Ensure correct refrigeration of food products; also that all other storage facilities are of very high standards
  •  Acquire kitchen equipment as needed; provide tools to staff as needed
  •  Supervise and maintain all food items and equipment inventory as needed
  •  Ensure safety procedures are observed; improve as needed; ensure preventive care of fire hazard, food poisoning and pollution of water and food
  •  Supervise storage and care of equipment over vacation periods
  •  Manage the bakery and bread sales; also the snack bar
  •  Assist administration with the hiring of qualified and experienced staff; also dismissal if necessary
  •  Introduce new employees to their jobs; provide instruction and guidance
  •  Maintain personnel records as needed
  •  Maintain a job analysis of all positions; draw up job specifications if needed
  •  Supervise counter service as possible
  •  Establish and maintain systems to ensure all students, staff and visitors are correctly charged for services
  •  Supervise acquisition, storage and utilization of fuel at the most economic costs
  •  Arrange for collection, storage and disposal of scrap adhering to established procedures
  •  Prepare a budget for administrative approval, control expenditure within approved budget; set up and use forms for food cost control
  •  Prepare bills and vouchers to advise the finance department in time for payment or for charging

To be considered for the position, please do the following:

  1. Download application form (click here)
  2. Fill-in the required information
  3. Email the completed form along with CV / Resume and letter of interest to: stating the position applied for in the subject line

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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