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Iti Maloney

Iti Maloney, MPA
Director of KIS CEH

Iti comes to CEH with experience in both public and private sector program management and has worked on projects across multiple industries including healthcare, education, sustainability, and community development. At CEH, she combines her training in public policy and interest environmental activism to design programs for students, educators, and visitors.

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Dr. Rakamanikam R

Dr. Rajamanikam R
Outreach Program Manager

Dr. Rajamanikam is an expert in solid waste management and has established a strong network of local partners in our community. He develops workshops and conducts training seminars on best practices related to waste management, biodiversity and ecology of the Palani Hills. Dr. Rajamanikam hopes to see Kodaikanal become a place known for its environmentally conscious and committed citizens.

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Dr. Uma Maheswari

Dr. Uma Maheswari
Regenerative Agriculture Project Manager

Dr. Uma is a specialist in agronomy and organic farming. With 7 years of experience, she has conducted extensive research and fieldwork in farming communities across Tamil Nadu, India. Her expertise includes biofertilizer production, mushroom cultivation, nutrient management, and precision farming technologies. At CEH, Dr. Uma’s objective is to raise awareness, encourage behavior change, and empower agricultural and rural communities to implement sustainable and resilient agricultural and land management models.

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Kalyani Gandhi

Kalyani Gandhi, MSc
Development Officer

Kalyani is an experienced non-for-profit sector development professional. She previously managed Oxfam UK's South Asia Engagement Programme for over 10 years and played a key role in developing Oxfam's diversity and community participation program. She has an interest in sustainable living, reverential ecology, and is a keen hill walker.

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