KIS Center for Environment and Humanity

KIS Center for Environment and Humanity

In a world grappling with a climate crisis, biodiversity loss, species extinction, and changing landscapes, it is imperative to train our younger generations to advocate for environmental conservation. Through education and awareness, we believe today’s youth has the power and commitment to develop innovative technology and policy solutions for the world’s most pressing environment issues.

Kodaikanal International School Center for Environment and Humanity (KIS CEH) uses its setting in the Palani Hills to identify regional and global environmental issues. We work with local experts such as farmers, scientists, researchers, civic organizations, and official agencies to identify solutions to issues facing our bioregion.

We also seek to bridge knowledge gaps by exchanging ideas with people in our community. While we learn about agriculture, Sholai-grasslands, wildlife, and watershed management from experts in the Palani Hills, we also promote public awareness and personal activism about global issues such as the climate crisis. The Center also recognizes the relationship between ecological and social processes, and seeks to promote more sustainable ways for humans to interact with their environment.

Our aim is to integrate environmental consciousness into government policies, private institutions, schools, and individual lifestyles. 

We focus our programs around the following areas:

  • Waste Management
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity

Our interventions focus on:


KIS Center for Environment and Humanity

For individuals and organizations to explore our unique bioregion through experiential learning.



Community Engagement

To identify important environmental issues and bring them to the public’s attention.


KIS Center for Environment and Humanity

To study the ecology, biodiversity, and management of the
Palani Hills.

Our Vision

To empower individuals and communities to become agents of change for a sustainable world.

Our Mission

The Center serves as a collaborative platform in our bioregion and beyond, offering innovative experiential programs and research opportunities for students, educators, organizations and agencies that lead to practical solutions for crucial human-environment issues.

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KIS Center for Environment and Humanity
Upper Shola Road, Kodaikanal
Tamil Nadu, 624101

Phone: 79048-96992
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