Admissions FAQs

How many students are currently studying at KIS?

KIS has about 600 students, including 459 boarders and 107 day students, of which 90 are staff children.

How “international” is the student body at KIS?

KIS has over 30 different nationalities represented. Currently approximately 50% of the students are Indian nationals.

How are students at KIS housed?

KIS has two academic campuses on which both residential and tuition facilities are provided. Buses run between the two campuses and travel time is about five minutes. Grades 9 through 12 girls’ student residences are located on the main campus and grades 9 through 12 boys’ student residences are located not more than 10 minutes’ walk from the main campus. The walk is considered safe by the local community and transport is provided in the evenings and during monsoon times.

Why are there two campuses?

Due to the growth of KIS, a purpose built Elementary School was set up on Ganga compound. It was felt that each campus should have the facilities and environment appropriate for the respective class levels and age groups.

How far is KIS from major cities?

Kodaikanal is 4 hours’ drive from Coimbatore and 3 hours’ drive from Madurai. Both cities are serviced by national airports and train stations. There is also a train station at Kodai Road about a two hour drive away through which major trains pass.

When and how often can I visit my child?

Family visits are encouraged, but not in the first month of attendance. It is a good idea to coincide these visits with a school concert or music recital, sports event or national holiday.

Is there a dress code?

There is no uniform at KIS but the dress code requires neatness, modesty and standards generally accepted at Indian educational institutions.

What is meant by Christian yet multicultural in terms of religious observance?

KIS encourages the spiritual development of each member of the community to promote spiritual understanding among world faiths and to present Jesus Christ as a valid faith option through Religious Education classes and services at KIS Chapel. Students of other religions are permitted to follow the principles and observances of their faith.

What access do students have to computers?

KIS provides internet access to students from specific supervised locations within the school such as the computer labs and the school libraries. Internet access is provided primarily to support the educational objectives of the school but also to allow students to have controlled access to a broader range of features available on the internet. All student residences are equipped with computers and printers. Laptops are permitted with restrictions.

How does KIS prepare my child for college and university entrance worldwide?

KIS graduates continue their education in colleges or universities around the world. Requirements for graduation are defined in terms of credits which lead to the KIS High School Diploma.

  1. Since 1968, KIS has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, giving graduates access to schools and colleges in the USA
  2. Since 1976, KIS has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program giving KIS graduates access worldwide
  3. Since 1981 KIS High School Diploma has been recognized by the Association of Indian Universities allowing students direct entry into Indian universities

How do you make sure students succeed academically?

Each student has an advisor who guides them in selecting classes and whenever they have questions. Each of their class teachers is also available outside of the classroom for advice and to answer questions. Study halls are monitored both during the school day and in the student residences at night when the students have a compulsory study time from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

What opportunities are there for students with English as their second language?

KIS offers ESL classes in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Placement tests are administered to new ESL students at the beginning of each semester, based on placement test results ESL students attend classes appropriate to their level / ability. The goal of the ESL department is to help students mainstream as quickly as possible.

What support is offered to a child with learning difficulties?

KIS has a Learning Resources department, providing support for students who have been assessed as having a learning disability. Support is given either within mainstream classes or students are withdrawn in specific content areas for one-on-one tutoring.

Are the students safe on your campus?

KIS has a long established history with the local community and students are generally treated as part of Kodaikanal. All entrances to school properties are controlled by campus security guards. Visitors are required to sign a register and are given a pass only if their purpose on campus is legitimate. Traveling from property to property is done in groups or under supervision and often in school vehicles. Students must be in their student residences by 7:15pm Sunday through Thursday. Movement off campus for grades 3 – 8 is restricted to twice on the weekends and only with a pass. Senior students are given some freedom in moving off campus.

Accreditation and Affiliations