KIS Music

Music has been a unique feature of KIS academic life for over 100 years – KIS alumni include a number of distinguished composers, professional musicians, and those with a lifelong appreciation of music. KIS has over 50 music practice rooms, 45 pianos, full strings and orchestra instruments provision, as well as a long established tradition of musical excellence and tours regularly in India and internationally.

Music is taught at all levels at KIS – Elementary, Middle and High Schools. In addition to the regular curricular music offerings, KIS offers IB Music to Diploma level and annually presents instrumental students for Royal Schools of Music (RSM, London) examinations in Music, Practical and Theory. KIS has been the South Indian examination centre for RSM since 1980. Lessons are also offered in traditional Indian instruments: veena, tabla and Carnatic vocal. KIS has professional Indian musicians and artists who provide this specialist tuition.

The music facilities at KIS are both extensive and well maintained with over 50 pianos, regularly serviced by an in-house technician.  The Music Departments both at Highclerc and Ganga campuses have not only ample practice rooms but also large studios for rehearsing multiple ensembles simultaneously.  KIS also has a huge variety of concert venues large and small allowing for a space to fit any artistic endeavour.



In keeping with KIS’s role in an Indian context, we offer Indian Classical Music both in the Hindustani and Carnatic tradition. Students have the opportunity to study in either tradition with works ranging from the traditional to modern Bollywood classics, as well as study instruments such as Veena and Harmonium.

  •  Kis provides Indian music to the students in all the levels since 1960’S.
  •  The first veena Teacher Mrs.Prabhavathy Ganesan was the student of the Great Legend Late Shri Dr. Chitti Babu( One of the best veena Artist).
  •  For the past two decades there are carnatic singers, as well as Veena Players have been graduating from this school.
  • Right from primary level children have been encouraging to exhibit their talent on the stage.
  •  Indian Music students are having chances to go to Thiruvaiyaru(Tanjore) as a music field trip for the famous St.Thiagaraja Aradhana Festival every year which happens in Jan. This happened for the past 10 years.


Western classical music at KIS

In keeping with the long musical tradition at KIS, the Music Department offers a comprehensive Western Music programme.  Students have the opportunity to take individual instruction as well as participate in a wide variety of ensembles. Instruction is tailored especially to students’ ability and progression, using methods both modern and traditional. Students may take instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar, the full array of String Instruments, Percussion, or any wind instrument be it Woodwind or Brass. Students of the KIS instrumental programme take part regularly in the ABRSM exams, AMIS ensembles, and school ensembles both student and faculty led.

Additionally, KIS offers instrumental instruction to students of all ages, from Kindergarten through 12th grade regardless of prior knowledge or ability.  It is our policy that all students can benefit from studying an instrument, and students are actively encouraged to take part in this unique program taught by an international staff with professional concert experience spanning the globe.


KIS Music Concerts

Students at KIS enjoy a rich and varied musical life – both as performers & listeners. With concerts almost on a weekly basis, and ensembles ranging from soloists to orchestra – students at KIS gain an appreciation and love for all that music has to offer. In addition to student groups, faculty regularly performs with advanced students or together with professional colleagues.  Venues range from music in the chapel during church services to concerts in the Alumni Hall, and even chamber music in the student residencies. With concerts of Western Art Music, Indian Classical Music and Rock Concerts – there is something for everyone.


classroom music at KIS

Classroom Music at KIS is seen as an important feature and is fully integrated with private music instruction. Instruction is tailored according to students’ level and learning process using a compound of methods such as Dalcroze, Kodaly, Orff, and teaching concepts from Edgar Willems, Garmendia, Suzuki among others. Classroom Music augments and supports individual instruction preparing students not only for the Higher Level and Standard Level of IB Diploma Music but also for life.

KIS provides Music for the Primary Years Program to listen  music, to sing, to classify sounds, to compose short melodies and  explore the music through a variety of musical experiences where the students can use their imagination and creativity to communicate and expose their ideas.

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