KIS counseling

Some students contact the Counseling Office when they are feeling alone, upset, or confused. Some when they are feeling angry and afraid. If you are experiencing problems related to being away from your family, residing in a different living environment, or adjusting to the academic, emotional and social demands of KIS, you are not alone. Many people have difficulties during these times.

Some examples of the issues that may lead you to counseling are:

  • Problems adjusting to living in a residence hall and/or with roommates
  • Uncertainty about being at KIS
  • Difficulty separating from parents and other family members
  • Struggles with maintaining previous friendships and/or romantic relationships
  • Anxiety about meeting the academic demands of KIS
  • Concerns about sexual identity or sexual orientation
  • Coping with a traumatic experience such as childhood sexual and/or physical abuse
  • Out of control anger
  • Issues surrounding your body and food
  • Feeling more sad than usual
  • Poor self esteem

KIS counseling

Life in a residential school has bigger dimensions than classes and examinations. It includes the social and personal development of the students, an aspect that is considered to be equally significant. In keeping with this understanding, students at KIS are provided with access to the school’s personal counseling services. The primary aim for this department is to facilitate and provide support for the broader student services that the school offers, and to work in partnership with both the parents and dorm parents to help students achieve their maximum potential.

Student counseling requirements can include a wide spectrum of needs. Here at KIS, counseling for students includes one to one sessions as well as group sessions, depending on the identified requirement. Primarily, personal counseling services at KIS tries to engage itself with the following:

  • Help students navigate through individual difficulties.
  • Help students minimize the impact of their individual concerns, thus helping them re-focus on their own development and goals
  • Help students understand the value of self-reliance in making right choices in issues that have a bearing on their lives
  • Help KIS students understand the importance of good communication and help them with those skills, in identified circumstances
  • Help KIS students with social skills, with emphasis on the residential aspects of the school

In all such instances where students require more specialized counseling, appropriate referrals to specialists are made.

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