Open positions


Administrative Staff

Manager of Security and Safety

Manage the day-to-day operation of security personnel, including any outsourced staff and overall security of the school … Read More


Academic Staff

German language teacher

Teach German language and literature courses to Middle/High School German students as a second and primary language (Language B)….Read More

Social Experience Teacher

The SoEx office plans, arranges and prepares students to engage in outreach and social experience opportunities in Kodaikanal and surrounding areas. Service and commitment to others is an important value at KIS and is expressed partly through this department…..Read More

Piano TeacherĀ 

Piano specialist to teach individual lessons and assist with ensembles (Gr 4-12 students) within the IB Middle Years and Diploma Programs….Read More

Residential Life Staff

Personal Counselor

To provide competent mental health counseling at an international boarding school. Counseling would include: proper diagnosis and then treatment where possible and referral for medications or for medical treatment outside the school when the problem/concern is beyond the scope of the school personnel…...Read More

Support Staff


To provide support the Finance Director and Chief Accountant to maintain accurate financial records, process bills, taxes, dues, prepare statements so that KIS functions in a fiscally responsible manner….Read More





Accreditation and Affiliations