KIS Student Support

KIS is committed to giving each student the opportunity and freedom for the fullest possible development as a whole person: academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically. Student support at KIS is a priority and is provided in a number of ways:

  • Careers & college advisory service
  • Student counseling and associated services
  • Peer encouragement program (PEER) involving peer and adult encouragers
  • KIS Dean of Religious Life, Associate Dean of Religious Life and Christian outreach programs
  • Learning Resources department personnel and programs
  • English as a Second Language department

Careers & College Advisory Service
KIS provides a comprehensive careers & college placement service to all KIS students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and also continues to assist alumni. This process begins in grade 10 with a testing and interview based vocational evaluation of each individual student. Students are encouraged to consider a wide range of courses, colleges / universities and countries around the world.

Grade 11 provides opportunities to prepare and sit for tertiary entrance examinations eg PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, IELTS and TOEFL and to refine individual student choices of course, college / university, a process which continues into grade 12. The majority of college applications are completed in semester 1 of grade 12 (most of these are to European and North American institutions). Applications to other parts of the world eg UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India etc continue in semester 2.

In a normal year around 120 tertiary applications are made to colleges and universities around the world.

An experienced college & careers advisor with full time administrative support is available to assist current KIS students in selecting courses, colleges and the application process

Students contact the Counselling Office when they are feeling alone, upset, confused, angry or afraid. A KIS Student Counsellor is available full time to assist students adjust to the academic, emotional and social demands of KIS. Students also find it helpful to sort through some of their concerns with friends and/or staff members.

PEER Program
The Peer program at KIS is offered to all students as a means of support during tough times. It is a service offered to the school community at large. The role of a peer is essentially to be there for others when needed. No student at KIS should feel they are alone or have to deal with things on their own. A peer's duty is to always be approachable and available to others, no matter what the need is. The peer program is a commitment that selected students make in order to help make the KIS experience a positive one for all students.

Learning Resources
The admission policy of KIS considers students with mild and moderate Learning Difficulties.

  • Children who come with documentation of their learning difficulties are interviewed by the Learning Resources personnel and two senior administrative staff to ensure that the student can fit into the environment.
  • When there is a significant discrepancy in the placement tests which is given to all students prior to admission, an informal psycho-educational testing would be conducted by the Learning Resources personnel to identify any learning issues.
  • Students can also be referred by the teachers or parents.

Mild Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in one area of academics, either language or Math. The problems exhibit themselves in the areas of comprehension, sequencing, auditory and visual processing at a mild level. Moderate Difficulty may be defined as learning problems in two areas of academics both in Language and Math. The intensity of the problems is within a standard score range which is in the lower average range when compared to their peers.

English as a Second Language (ESL)
At KIS, the ESL program works with students from grades 3 to 10. Generally, an ESL student is one who has studied in a language other than English, before joining KIS. Sometimes, there are students who may have studied in English but continue to need the extra help and support. ESL students take the Intensive English courses rather than Language Arts. These courses are offered in grades 6 to 10. Being smaller groups and focusing on language rather than literature, they help ESL students attain the mainstream English fluency required in grade 11.

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