KIS Admissions

KIS seeks candidates who demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to work independently. Admission is open to qualified students at all grade levels from Preschool to grade 12. Children below grade 3 (8 years of age) are not admitted into boarding. New students are accepted throughout the year.

KIS school year consists of two semesters, Semester 1 begins in mid-July and Semester 2 begins in January. Winter vacation runs from end November through beginning January and summer vacation from mid-May through to mid-July. For checking KIS fee structure Click Here.

For direct enquiries and requests for application, please contact the KIS Admissions Office:

KIS Admissions Coordinator
Kodaikanal International School,
Seven Roads Junction, PO Box 25,
Kodaikanal 624 101
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: (91) 4542 247 500 (switchboard)
(91) 4542 247 218 (direct)
Fax: (91) 4542 241 109

Web: www.kis.in
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Seven Roads Junction, PO Box 25, Kodaikanal 624 101, Tamil Nadu, India   tel: (91) 4542 247 500   fax: (91) 4542 241 109   email: contact@kis.in